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White Lofoten Parquet Country Ash W1216-01739-C
White Lofoten Parquet Country Ash W1216-01739-C
White Lofoten Parquet Country Ash W1216-01739-C
White Lofoten Parquet Country Ash W1216-01739-C
White Lofoten Parquet Country Ash W1216-01739-C

Country Ash

Parquet - Lofoten | W1216-01739-C
Country Ash is an elegant, light wood floor in our long Lofoten plank format. This floor is a good choice for creating a beautiful, comfortable space with a lively variation in colour and structure that includes medium-sized knots. These planks have a smooth-grained texture, and bevels on the two long edges help add depth to any room. Country Ash comes with a matt lacquer finish that repels dirt and is easy to clean.
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Stay Clean Technology

StayClean makes the floor extra resistant to liquids and spills, and prevents dirt from getting into the joints and wood texture.


As proof of our efforts, we are proud of being the first flooring manufacturer to receive the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, certifying that our products are a good environmental choice.


Length 1820 mm
Width 190 mm
Height 13 mm
m²/pack 2.075 m²
Planks/pack 6 planks


Color White
Pattern 1 strip
Wood species Ash
Number of grooves 2-way bevel
Gloss level Matt
Grading Accent

Product data

Floor type Parquet
#RangeCode# Lofoten
#CommercialCode# W1216-01739-C
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