Pergo’s high-quality, ergonomically designed original maintenance accessories make it easy to keep Pergo wooden flooring looking beautiful. Our All round Floor Cleaner removes dirt without leaving a film, which ordinary cleaners and detergents may.

PGCLEANALL1000 Laminate Accessories Allround Floor Cleaner PGCLEANALL1000
Allround Floor Cleaner
All round floor cleaner. Specially developed for cleaning laminate and wood flooring. Ideal for removing dirt, grease spots and heel marks, as well as for daily cleaning.
1000 ml
PGREPAIR Laminate Accessories Repair wax PGREPAIR
Repair wax
Repair wax. Repair the colour of damaged planks quickly and easily with wax in colours covering the Pergo wood palette. Contains 1 melting knife, 1 comb, addwaxional wax.
Contents: 1 melting knife, 1 comb, 7 wax blocks
PGCLEANINGKIT Laminate Accessories Cleaning kit PGCLEANINGKIT
Cleaning kit
High quality mop set with extra long ergonomic handle and a mop cloth holder.
Contents: mop-cloth holder, high-quality mop

Reparation wax

Repair kit for laminate, vinyl or parquet flooring (flat surfaces and edges) with minor and medium damage.

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