The perfect floor for any room

Living room

Living room

The living room is just a room for every day, and for weekends as well. Besides the bedroom, we spend most of our time in the living room. Floors in living rooms should not only handle everyday challenges, but also be attractive and representative when we have guests.


Bedroom flooring

Regardless of whether you are a late sleeper or not, it's always nice to put your feet down on a nice floor. Basically, you can choose any floor you want for your bedroom, but there are many good reasons why parquet- and laminate floors are so popular.



The kitchen is the heart of the home. The kitchen is where family and friends meet to socialise, cook, bake and eat – quite simply to live. In other words, the kitchen floor has to put up with a lot, so it is worth having a proper think about what sort of kitchen flooring you want.

Childrens room

Children room

Getting their very own bedroom for the first time is a major event for many children. Now, it's time to sleep in their own bed and to get a private retreat where neither parents nor siblings disturb them. It is simply the only place the child can be completely on his or he own for a while.


Hallway flooring

Today, there are fantastically durable vinyl and laminate floors with attractive designs, with different levels of gloss and surface textures. Many of them are deceptively similar to both wood and slate. You can also choose between several bevellings, planks and plates. So although the hall is undeniably one of the rooms that gathers the most dirt, sand and water, you can create a warm and cosy environment that endures all everyday adventures.


Attic apartment

In recent years, it has become popular to empty the old attics in apartment buildings and convert them into modern apartments or convert them to a part of a maisonette. Even in private villas, a renovation of the attic can be an excellent way to increase the number of bedrooms and get more living space.


Home office

The fact that an attractive, fresh office means a lot for your motivation and job satisfaction is nothing new. A proper home office is a place where you spend most of your waking hours and it increases both motivation and efficiency if you don't have to feel like you are working from your bedroom. The principle for furnishing the office is the same regardless of whether you are decorating an office for several people or just for yourself – your workplace should be practical, inviting and creative.



Summer – that wonderful time of the year when it's gotten warm and you can take a few well-earned weeks off. One's schedule should preferably be empty except for pleasant dinners, and all "have tos" are set aside. You fill the car with swimsuits and paperback books and head to "the country".