Pergo Laminate Sensation

Pergo Sensation – Water-resistant laminate flooring

Do you dream of a soft-wood floor but worry about the durability?

Our new generation of laminate floors are an invitation to your senses. The authentic, true-to-nature look makes it impossible to tell a Sensation laminate from the real thing. A new matt finish adds to the wood-like feeling, and enhances the natural look.

100 % water-resistant as well!

Thanks to the AquaSafe technology in our Sensation floors, we can now offer you a floor that can resist water like never before. A sealed surface that covers the entire board – all the way down into the bevels – prevents water from penetrating the floor.

The result? Water, dirt, and stains stay on the surface and can be easily wiped off. Being waterresistant, the Sensation floors are also hygienic and easy to maintain.

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Wood is a material that will inevitably show signs of wear. Sensation floors keep their looks year after year.


As wood grows old, it will change in hue, whereas a laminate floor keeps your interior looking new and fresh.


Even if wood floors are coated with protective lacquer, liquids can seep between the planks. On Sensation floors the surface is sealed and 100 % water-resistant.

NEW: Wide Long Plank Sensation

If you are looking for a floor that will transform your room into something spectacular we have just the news for you. A floor that is impressively grand in all aspects. The size of each individual plank really allows the room to come to life and brings out the natural look and feel of the Sensation floors even more.

Go Grand!

Check out our new Sensation floors!