How to clean your laminate flooring

The tightly sealed TitanX™ surface prevents dirt from taking hold, making Pergo laminate floors easy to clean.

Our high-quality, ergonomically designed original maintenance accessories make it even easier to keep your floor looking fresh for longer. To maintain the lustre of a Pergo floor, avoid using regular cleaning products such as soaps and detergents as these will form a film on the surface. Pergo’s special all round cleaner removes dirt without leaving a film if used correctly.

Laminate flooring maintenance: how to clean laminate flooring

Laminate flooring maintenance: how to deal with scuffmarks

Laminate flooring maintenance: how to deal with stains

Laminate flooring maintenance: how to deal with water spills

Ordinary cleaning

Damp mop the floor only when needed. Use Pergo All-round Floor Cleaner and Pergo mop cloth. Damp the mop cloth with warm water and Pergo All-round Floor Cleaner (mix 2 capfuls of Pergo All-round Floor Cleaner (use the cap of the bottle) in 10 liter water). Mix carefully according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Do not overdose. Used mop shall be washed according to labelling in 60 °C without any additives. Do not work in larger areas than 15 – 20 m2 at a time. Make sure the floor is dry after damp mopping.

Heavily soiled or stained floors

To remove stubborn stains or markings use Pergo All-round Floor Cleaner and a clean mop, towel or a scratch free white or red pad if extra treatment is needed. Let it act for a few minutes. Remove the stain by wiping it away with a clean mop damped with lukewarm water. Repeat if necessary. Wipe dry afterwards.

Stain removal guide

Locally spotted areas: Apply Pergo All round Floor Cleaner on the spot. Let the Floor Cleaner dissolve the stain for a few minutes. Remove the stain by wiping it away with a clean mop damped with lukewarm water. Repeat if necessary.

Chocolate, grease, juice, cordials, wine: Spray with Pergo All round Floor Cleaner or use warm water added with All round Floor Cleaner
Tar, crayon, lipstick, shoe polish, ink, carbon, nail polish or cigarettes: Methylated spirit, acetone or household solvent, petroleum spirit
Candle wax and chewing gum: Allow to harden then carefully scrape off.

Avoid wax and polish

A Pergo laminate floor should never be waxed or polished. Never scrub with steel wool or any other coarse material as this may have a negative effect on the appearance and structure.

Additional treatments

Some textured surfaces require special treatment as described below:

Matt textures: Dirt will generally stick harder to floors with matt textures. We therefore recommend that these types of floors be cleaned more regularly.
Polished textures: Dried watermarks are often more visible on polished textures. Always wipe with a dry mop after damp cleaning.
Floors with bevelled edges: Because water can accumulate in the bevel, be sure to always wipe dry.

Protect your floor

We recommend using wheels for hard floors on office chairs. Also protect the floor by using felt pads on furniture legs. Always use a doormat at the front entrance.

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