Design features laminate flooring

Our laminate range can offer you everything from long planks that create a modern, spacious ambience to classic 3-strips. Several floors have bevelled edges to enhance the feeling of wooden planks or genuine ceramic tiles.

pergo laminate sizes

Of course, size matters!

The individual plank plays an important part in creating an overall impression. Depending on how you choose, you can transform the feeling of the entire room. Make it wider, narrower, longer, darker or lighter – the options are endless.

  1. Bergen - 1380 x 156 mm
  2. Drammen, Mandal, Domestic Elegance - 1200 x 190 mm
  3. Stavanger - 1380 x 278,5 mm
  4. Big slab - 1224 x 408 mm - not available anymore
  5. Long Plank - 2050 x 205 mm
  6. Wide Long Plank - 2050 x 240 mm
  7. Modern Plank - 1380 x 190 mm
pergo laminate surfaces and bevels

Bevels and surfaces

There is more to a beautiful floor than meets the eye. That is why Pergo laminate floors not only look authentic, they feel that way too. Our collections feature seven different surface textures that each serve to enhance the authentic impression of your laminate floor.