Why vinyl flooring is the perfect choice for your kitchen

Why vinyl flooring is the best choice for your kitchen

For a very long time, ceramic and porcelain tiles have been the default floor of choice for kitchens. Today, however, luxury vinyl planks and tiles are quickly replacing them. Why? Because they have a unique set of advantages that make them an exceptionally good fit for spaces where easy cleaning is paramount.

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5 reasons to pick vinyl flooring for your kitchen

Easy to clean

Kitchens tend to get dirty quickly. Vinyl is easy to sweep, vacuum and mop, which means you’ll get a hygienic floor in no time. If you like easy maintenance, this is the floor for you, and they’re stain resistant to boot.

Rock-solid quality

Kitchen floors are constantly put to the test. A sharp knife falling edge-down; a glass spilling its bubbly contents in transit: your kitchen floor could tell you stories. But thanks to the Superior Protective top layer, vinyl kitchen flooring can easily withstand whatever you throw at it.

Moisture resistant

Vinyl floors are water resistant, preventing damage to your floor and making it easier to clean.

Ideal for renovations

Kitchens are high on the list when starting a renovation project. Because vinyl is so thin and easy to install, it’s the perfect floor for any project. Often, you can even put it on top of your existing floor.

Truly attractive

Vinyl is ideal for open plan designs, meaning you can use the same floor in your open kitchen, dining room and living room. You won’t have to compromise good looks for practical benefits or vice versa!

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