4 artists talk about their Pergo Vinyl floors

How artists embrace realness

When it comes to making art, inspiration, creativity and discipline rank high on the list of requirements. But it’s also important for artists to listen when their muses speak. These four unique artists talk about the special role their place of work – and their Pergo Rigid Click vinyl floor – plays in their creativity.

Mira Sohlen, tapestry artist

Craftsmanship with a modern twist

For tapestry artist Mira, the process dictates the outcome. And that process starts… on the floor. Here, she makes her unique compositions and reviews what she has made.

The floor is where I start. It’s where I do my thinking and ponder what I’ve made.

Mira uses a special tiling method in all her compositions. Every detail is shaped carefully by hand, so every piece is unique. Her drive to challenge traditional craftsmanship with a modern twist resonates perfectly with her Pergo vinyl floor.

Wim Vanlessen, ballet dancer

Let your personality show

In the world of ballet, few people reach the heights to which Wim Vanlessen has soared in his career. Universally admired for his perfectly controlled state and appealing human form, Wim alters the atmosphere of every room in which he dances, leaving audiences mesmerized.

Dancing is all about touch and how you connect with the space you’re in. You really need to feel it.

For Wim, dancing – and every art form in which you bare your soul – requires you to completely reveal yourself. Such soul searching requires a tactile space where touch plays a defining role… And a Pergo vinyl floor, perhaps.

C A S H, painter

Pushing the envelope

Carl Anders Sven Hultin – a.k.a. C A S H – is an observer first, and a painter and visual artist second. His work illuminates the beauty he witnesses in the world around him, where he constantly discovers new colour combinations, textures and shapes.

Colours, textures and shapes are everywhere. You just have to – and want to – see them.

To keep things interesting for himself, C A S H likes to explore the use of different tools and mediums, from ballpoint pens and brushes to canvas and even metal. His studio – and the paint-stained floor – is an extension of his lively personality.

Anna-Karin Garhamn, children’s book illustrator

Life seeps into the room

Finding the adventure in everyday life: that’s what the work of children’s book illustrator Anna-Karin Garhamn is all about. Her series about Puck, a little boy exploring the world around him, is a perfect example of that spirit of adventurousness.

The room I’m in always seeps into my work and defines the outcome of what I will actually draw.

To create her unique drawings, Anna-Karin takes her inspiration from life as well as the room she works in. One wonders whether she has ever let Puck play on her Pergo vinyl floor. In any case, there would be nothing to worry about.