A student party on Pergo Rigid Vinyl

Real life test: a 12-day student party on Pergo Rigid vinyl

Rigid Click vinyl is ultra-strong. But what exactly does that mean? We asked a bunch of (over)enthusiastic Swedish students to put our flooring to the test. Spilled beer, broken glass, heel marks … A brand-new Rigid Click vinyl floor had to endure all of this and more during a 12-day party. The result? See it for yourself in the video below.

A smashing party on brand new Rigid Click vinyl

Lophtet is the venue where the students of Lund University (Sweden) throw their most (in)famous parties. Make no mistake: these youngsters know how to raise the roof. Their partying expertise is exactly why Pergo uses Lophtet as a testing ground to evaluate its new floors since the 1980s.

For this test, we equipped 120 students with pedometers to quantify the action that went down during an insane 12-day rave. The party animals took a total of 28,944,000 steps on the brand-new Rigid Click vinyl floor. That's the equivalent of having one student busting moves on your floor every morning … for 19 years.

Ultra-strong, waterproof and easy to clean

That was the fun part. After 12 days of madness, it was time to assess the damage. As Rigid Click vinyl is 100% water resistant, all spilled liquids stayed on the surface, which made it easy to clean up the mess. Even more, all those mud stains and heel marks were removed just as easily.

After cleaning, the heavily impacted Rigid Click vinyl floor was as good as new. Ultra-strong? Check. Waterproof? Sure thing. Easy to clean? A breeze. And there’s nothing 120 party-crazed students could change about it.

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