Lay a new floor on top of your old one

Getting a fresh, new floor does not need to be a major undertaking. Because you can actually choose to lay a new floor on top of your old floor.

You know that old floor in your bedroom that’s been annoying you for ages? It’s so boring and ugly and yet there’s nothing really wrong with it. It’s stable and intact, so it seems excessive to spend a lot of time and effort tearing it out in order to replace it. Or is there a better way?

Did you know that getting a new floor doesn’t mean you have to tear out the old flooring: you can simply lay a new floor on top of it?

Click flooring from Pergo is so thin that you hardly have to worry about your new floor being too high for thresholds and doors – only minimal adjustments will be necessary.

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Good preparation makes for a perfect new floor

To ensure that your new floor is perfect, prepare everything carefully. If you have a carpet on your old floor, this has to be removed. Check the floor: it must be even, clean and dry. If it’s uneven, it needs to be sanded and filled to create a stable and squeak-free finished result. Any loose floor tiles must be nailed down.

One tip to check if the floor is even is to take one of your new planks and hold it vertically on its side in different areas of the floor. Then you can easily see if there are any gaps.

Vacuum and damp mop the floor thoroughly and leave it to dry. Since your new floor must acclimatise by being kept indoors in its packaging for approximately 48 hours before you lay it, you will have plenty of time to do all this.

An interlayer makes for a squeak-free floor

We recommend that you then cover the floor with an interlayer. This provides impact sound insulation, prevents squeaking and removes any remaining minor irregularities in your sub-floor.

Lay your new click flooring

Now the fun starts: laying your new click floor! You can find a detailed description of how to lay our flooring here.

  • Prepare the sub-floor to ensure that it is even and clean
  • Use an interlayer to make the floor quieter
  • Read the instructions for your new flooring carefully before you start laying it

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