Here, laminate flooring is the best choice

Here, laminate flooring is the best choice

If you have a room that requires a durable, hard-wearing floor with the feel of wood, laminate is the best choice.

Laminate flooring is actually suitable for any room, except wet areas. Its durability and scratch-resistance also make it a practical choice.

Our best laminate floors are beautiful, hard-wearing and hygienic

Pergo laminate flooring consists of several layers designed to provide high resistance to impact, scratches and wear and tear, in order to keep the floor hygienic and moisture-resistant. On top there is a décor layer, the sole purpose of which is to create a beautiful floor with a natural feel. We have laminate flooring with décor layers that reflect natural materials such as wood and stone in the smallest detail.

Laminate flooring is the best choice thanks to a number of advantages

In addition to its extraordinary durability, our laminate flooring has a number of additional benefits:

– Laminate flooring is antistatic, which is good in rooms with a lot of electronic equipment

– Laminate flooring with TitanX™ surface coating has fast heat dissipation and naturally high fire resistance thanks to its multi-layer design, which makes it extremely suitable for kitchens

– It is very hygienic and water-resistant because the surface is so dense that no dirt or moisture can penetrate it. This also makes it easy to clean and well suited to halls, kitchens and bathrooms without floor drains

– It has a click system and is therefore easy to lay yourself

– Pergo laminate flooring has the best warranty on the market

So no matter which of your rooms needs a new floor, laminate flooring has advantages!

  • Laminate flooring is suitable for almost any room
  • The décor layer reflects nature in the smallest detail
  • Laminate is a hard-wearing, durable and hygienic material with a number of additional advantages
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