Guide to choosing a floor

Guide to choosing a floor

Have you decided to replace your floor? Choosing a floor can seem like an overwhelming task when faced with all the materials and designs you have to choose from. Here we give you an idea of which aspects you need to consider.

What will you use the room for?

The first thing you need to think about when choosing flooring is the location and purpose of the room. Floors are exposed to more wear and tear in some rooms than others – dirt and gravel are dragged into the hallway; the kitchen faces spillages and sharp utensils dropped on the floor, and desk chairs roll back and forth in the study.

Laminate or vinyl flooring is most suitable for high-traffic rooms because it provides high durability, as well as water and impact resistance. Both laminate and vinyl flooring are available in natural wood and stone effects.

Wood flooring is an excellent choice in rooms where the floor receives gentler treatment. The unique, natural properties of wood are a simple way to add warmth and personality to a room.

"The unique, natural properties of wood are a simple way to add warmth and personality to a room"

What does the room look like?

What does the room look like – is it large or small, light and airy or dark with few windows? Think about what colour of walls and furniture you want and how they will match the floor. Light walls make a room feel bigger and natural materials can create a warmer feeling. Natural materials are also easy to combine with most colours and feel timeless even if your decorating tastes change.

The size and width of planks or tiles can trick the eye, for example horizontal lines and wide planks can make a small room appear longer. A rectangular room can appear wider if you lay the planks crosswise. You could order samples and lay them out in the room to see what they look like in different light.

How do you want the floor to look?

Last but not least – how do you want the floor to look? Even if you have decided on a particular type of floor, there are still a lot of choices to make. Our wood parquet flooring is available in different types of wood, bevelling of edges, textures, surface treatments and designs. Laminate flooring is available as long planks, in classic strip design, with various stone effects and with or without bevelled edges. Vinyl flooring can look like many different types of wood or tiles. Is it difficult to choose? Contact your retailer for advice!

  • Rooms with more wear and tear need more hard-wearing floors
  • Natural materials are easy to combine with different décor
  • How you lay the floor can affect the appearance of the room
  • Our flooring is available in a number of varieties
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