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Floorboards have been a popular flooring solution throughout the ages, from wood floors in medieval castles to refined parquet in Versailles. Usually they’re made of genuine wood, but there are other variations as well: laminate or vinyl for example.

Their timeless nature and broad variety of options add to the ever-increasing popularity of floorboards. From rustic to minimalistic and trendy, there’s a type of floorboard to suit every interior style. Modern innovations like easy-to-use click systems make them even more desirable.

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Endless possibilities

Available in a near endless array of colours and styles, there are floorboards to suit every style and taste. Water-resistant floorboards like vinyl and laminate can even be used in kitchens and hallways.


Pergo floorboards are a breeze to maintain and install. Thanks to their innovative click system, all our laminate and vinyl floorboards can be installed without any need for nails or glue.

Long-term warranty

Pergo’s high-quality laminate and vinyl floors come with a long-term warranty starting at 20 years and going up to a lifetime warranty.

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