Cork flooring? How about this clever alternative...

Pergo vinyl, cool alternative to cork flooring

Cork flooring is an all-time classic that keeps coming back. And o wonder: it has several substantial benefits. Cork is soft and warm underfoot, hypoallergenic and easy to maintain, for example.

However, it also has some drawbacks. The material is frail and susceptible to scratch and tear damage, it discolours easily and let’s not go into what happens if it’s exposed to water for extended periods of time… But there’s no alternative, right? Wrong! Vinyl planks and tiles offer the same benefits as cork flooring, without any of the disadvantages.

Yes, I want to know more about vinyl

Endless possibilities

Available in a near endless array of colours and styles, there’s a vinyl floor to suit every style and taste. What’s more, because of its resistance to water, vinyl can be installed in almost every room, including kitchens and hallways.

Peak performance

Vinyl is the total flooring package. Its excellent scratch, stain and water resistance mean it’s perfectly suitable for everyday use, while its compatibility with underfloor heating allows for an even more comfortable experience.


A Pergo vinyl floor lets you give yourself a break. It’s easy to maintain and install. In fact, the combination of its innovative click system and the possibility of installing it on top of an existing floor makes Rigid Vinyl the perfect option for renovations.

Long-term warranty

Pergo’s high-quality vinyl floors come with a long-term warranty up to 25 years.

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