Interior tip: combine light and dark colours on your floors, walls and ceilings

You can change the appearance of a room with very simple means. Do you have a small room that you want to appear larger, a long, narrow room that seems a little cramped, or perhaps even a large room that needs to feel more snug?

Here are some clever combinations that are good to know:

Light floor and light walls

A light floor along with light walls makes your room look more spacious. There is a slight risk that the room may come across as one-dimensional and sterile, but you can counter this by adding other interior design features.


Light floor and dark walls

A light floor with dark walls makes the ceiling appear higher. This combination also emphasises the room’s horizontal lines.


Light floor, light ceiling and a light far wall

Slightly darker walls with the far wall in a light colour combined with light flooring and a light ceiling will make the room look narrower, deeper and higher.


Light floor, light ceiling and a dark far wall

If you choose a darker far wall and combine this with light flooring and a light ceiling, the dark wall will appear to be closer, and the room will then feel smaller.


Light floor, dark ceiling and dark walls

Dark walls and a ceiling in the same colour combined with a light floor make the room feel smaller and more intimate, while also creating a softer effect with blurred lines.


Dark floor, light ceiling and light walls

A dark floor combined with light walls and a light ceiling creates a contrasting effect. The human eye finds it easier to focus on contrasts, and this will make the room appear more interesting. It also makes the room feel wider.


Dark floor, dark ceiling and light walls

A dark floor and a dark ceiling with light walls in between make the room seem wider and the ceiling lower. The human eye automatically moves away from the light to search for darker areas, giving the room a sense of depth and space.


Dark floor, light ceiling and dark walls

If you have a dark floor and walls but keep the ceiling light, this creates an interesting shadow effect where all the light appears to go downwards. The ceiling then automatically feels higher.

  • The rule of thumb is that light colours open up the room and create more space
  • Dark colours make the room appear smaller and more intimate

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