Why black flooring is an excellent choice


Creating space

Ponder the associations often made with the colour black: style, elegance, luxury and mystery. Now consider how black flooring makes a room look more spacious, warm and authentic when combined with bright colours, mirrors or prominent decoration pieces. That’s why we keep going back to black!

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Chic & stylish

Black combines perfectly with almost any other colour. Against a powerful dark backdrop, intense colours create striking contrast, colourful design objects and furniture stand out, and metallics contribute to a chic, majestic interior that breathes class and taste.

The ultimate classic is pairing black with white. Combining these two extremes provides a touch of class and elegance to rooms such as entrance halls and kitchens. Or, why not try it out in your kitchen?

Black flooring options

Now ask yourself: why not make a black floor the basis of your interior? Black wood floors are an unsurpassable classic, although today’s maintenance-friendly and economical alternatives such as laminate and vinyl provide a nearly natural appearance. Whichever style you choose, we guarantee a timeless and elegant look.

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Black laminate flooring - why?

Black vinyl flooring by Pergo

Black vinyl flooring - why?

  • The soft and warm material offers a comfortable surface to walk on.
  • Its excellent scratch and stain resistance makes it perfectly suited for day to day life.
  • There’s a vinyl floor for almost every room and style, including challenging environments like kitchens.
  • You won’t have to spend your precious free time cleaning: minimal maintenance required!
  • Thin and easy to install, vinyl flooring is an excellent choice for renovation projects.

Discover all black floors